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Coursework Optimization of the production structure of agricultural enterprises by the example of LLC Agrohimkor

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Код роботи: 5615

Вид роботи: Курсова робота

Предмет: Математичне моделювання (Mathematical Modeling)

Тема: Optimization of the production structure of agricultural enterprises by the example of LLC Agrohimkor

Кількість сторінок: 20

Дата виконання: 2017

Мова написання: англійська

Ціна: 800 грн


Part 1. Theoretical questions and economic-mathematical tasks of optimization of structure of production of agricultural enterprises

1.1. Agricultural enterprise as an object of economic and mathematical modeling

1.2. Economic necessity of optimization of industrial structure and stages of economic and mathematical modeling

Part 2. The analysis of the production structure of LLC «Ahrohimkor»

2.1. Organizational-economic characteristics of «Ahrohimkor»

2.2. Development of economic and mathematical model for the optimal combination of industrial structure

2.3. Analysis of optimal solutions and measures to implement



The list of references

To explore and play numerous relations in the economy and measure the extent of influence of the various branches of factors on production results and even solutions to specific planning and economic problems with the help of mathematical methods and computers applied modeling of economic processes.

It is important to build a mathematical model correctly, that is, that it fully and accurately reflects using inequalities and equations essential relation and dependence of the simulated economic systems or processes. Such a model is called mathematical. By definition of academician V. From. Nemchinov, it is a bunch of General relations and laws of economic phenomena in a mathematical form.

Modeling of agricultural enterprises has a number of features. So, the optimal solution obtained from the mathematical programming methods and may always correspond to the optimum economic positions. The model must reflect all the conditions that determine this economic problem. The list of these conditions along with economic would have to be agro-technical, zoo-technical, biological, technological and others. And therefore need a deep knowledge in technology, engineering, Economics, planning and organization of agricultural production. Of great importance for correct construction of economic-mathematical model and obtain an acceptable optimal solutions has reliable information about a specific modelling object.Completeness and correctness of information give quite accurate to describe the language of mathematics all the dependencies, the relationship between the study of economic phenomena.

Rational organization of production of agricultural enterprises is of great importance at the present time. With increasing crisis, when there is a reduction of production, the most important is to find the opportunities, resources that would restore the skill level and pace of development. Assessing the effectiveness of its activities, the agricultural enterprise can choose a cost-effective direction, which would correspond to the capabilities of the company and the prevailing economic conditions.

In this connection special importance is the optimization of the production structure. Economic and mathematical model enables to determine the main development parameters for current and future planning. A mathematical model can be used to analyze the structure of production, allowing to identify more appropriate ways of using resources and opportunities to increase production volumes, based on actual data for previous years. Thus, the preparation of the course project on this topic contributes to the deepening and consolidation of knowledge in the field of Economics and organization of agricultural production and mathematical modeling of economic processes in agriculture.

The purpose of this course is to:

- deepening of theoretical knowledge in mathematical modeling of economic processes in agriculture;

- practical skills performances, decisions and analysis of economic-mathematical tasks with concrete materials.

The production activity of LLC "Ahrohimkor" - dairy cattle husbandry with a developed seed production of grain crops. Specialization is expressed clearly and corresponds to the location and natural conditions of the economy.The company "Ahrohimkor" there is a tendency to reduce the economic efficiency of resource use, whereby the company received a low financial results of agricultural production. At this point p it is necessary to improve the specialization according to the main directions of improvement of specialization and combination of industries.

As a result of solving the problem of optimization of production and industry structure on a computer we see that under optimal plan, the company "Ahrohimkor" can obtain commercial products in the size 50267 thousand UAH.In the optimization of production and sectoral structure of LLC "Ahrohimkor" you must adhere to the optimal solution, as the profit from product sales for the enterprise as a whole increased by 128,1%, due to the increase of commodity production and the timing of the rising cost of commodity products in the optimal plan over the full cost of production.

In the analysis of plants existing specializations flaws. To eliminate the following activities are proposed:

1. Improving the structure of sown areas.

2. The increase in the number of cows.

3. The elimination of young cattle.

In the implementation of all proposed activities the company will eventually get 128% more profit, and production will be profitable, the level of profitability will amount to 8.5%. Including the deepening of specialization and optimization of production-branch structure will allow to increase production of marketable products, profits and production efficiency in General.

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