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Семінар №3 - Typology of the lexical systems

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Код роботи: 2613

Вид роботи: Семінар

Предмет: Порівняльна типологія англійської та української мов

Тема: №3, Typology of the lexical systems

Кількість сторінок: 25

Дата виконання: 2017

Мова написання: англійська

Ціна: 300 грн

1. Point to the extralingual factors predetermining the birth and functioning of universal lexicon

2. Name and characterise all existing approaches to and principles of the systemic study and classification of lexicon

3. Point out the common/isomorphic and divergent/allomorphic features in the onomasiological structure of some English vs. Ukrainian notional and functional words

4. Point to the correlation of the phonetic/phonological, morphological, and semantic types of motivation in the lexical units of English and Ukrainian

5. Point out the typologically isomorphic layers of lexicon in the English and Ukrainian languages. State the correlation between the stylistically neutral and stylistically evaluative units of lexicon in the contrasted languages

6. Characterise the socially predetermined layers of lexicon in the contrasted languages. Expand on the international terminological, professional, literary, colloquial, low colloquial etc. words and expressions in the contrasted languages

7. Expand on the:

1) common Indo-European stock of words in English and Ukrainian;

2) on nationally specific English vs. Ukrainian lexis.

8. Define the types of derivational morphemes/affixes and the role of agglutination in English and Ukrainian word-formation

9. Speak on the national and international word-forming/affixal morphemes in English and Ukrainian

10. Expand on the phenomenon of substantivisation, adjectivisation, verbalisation and adverbialisation in English and Ukrainian

11. Expand on the typological isomorphism of suppletivity as a word-formating and form-building means in English and Ukrainian

12. Point out the isomorphic and allomorphic features in the identification, classification and functioning of international, national, and universal types of idiomatic expressions

13. Expand on the typological classification of idiomatic and stable expressions in the genealogically different languages

1. Корунець І.В. Порівняльна типологія англійської та української мов / І.В. Корунець. – Вінниця : Нова Книга, 2003. – С. 118-178.