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Шпаргалка з курсу Іноземна мова (англійська). Англійська мова - 20 ситуацій

« Назад

Код роботи: 2461

Вид роботи: Шпаргалка

Предмет: Іноземна мова (англійська). Англійська мова

Тема: 20 ситуацій

Кількість сторінок: 60

Дата виконання: 2017

Мова написання: англійська

Ціна: 400 грн

1. What is your favourite sport? Do you admire any particular sports personality?

2. What factors can negatively affect an athlete's form? (loss of confidence, personal problems, age etc.)

3. The ideal diet of sports people.

4. What drives people to seek pleasure from dangerous activities?

5. Think over: in what ways has people's attitude to sport changed over the last fifty years (sponsorship, advertising, illegal substances)?

6. Ponder on the statement: there is always inequality in life. Life is unfair. Do you agree? Why?

7. Different groups of people are sometimes treated badly by society. What forms of discrimination do you know? (age, job, gender, appearance, financial status)

8. In what ways can racial preconceptions be harmful?

9. How has the role of women changed since our grandparents’ time? Think in terms of education, work, marriage and children

10. Vandalism is a social problem which seems to be spreading. How does vandalism make you feel? Why do you think some people become vandals?

11. Find a job you like and add 5 days to every week

12. The way globalization and new technologies alter the working environment

13. Advantages and disadvantages of e-employment

14. Educated and unemployed: the dilemma of graduates in Ukraine

15. Interpersonal relationship at work

16. Modern technology and ecological problems

17. The advantages of the alternative energy resources and the urgency of their usage

18. Modern refuges are the only places for rescue of animals that are on the brink of extinction

19. Global environmental issues and concerns of our Planet. Problems of modern megapolises: noise, water and air quality

20. Chernobyl disaster: 20 years later