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Шпаргалка з курсу Іноземна мова (англійська). Англійська мова - 25 питань

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Код роботи: 2237

Вид роботи: Шпаргалка

Предмет: Іноземна мова (англійська). Англійська мова

Тема: 25 питань

Кількість сторінок: 35

Дата виконання: 2017

Мова написання: англійська

Ціна: 400 грн

1. The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate

2. Satellite-based communication systems versus Dots and Dashes

3. The invention of the Internet

4. Sophisticated technology helps people to communicate far more easily than ever before

5. Do you agree that clothes make the man?

6. Emotional literacy is the ability to put feelings and emotions into words

7. Advantages and disadvantages of “home schooling” (socialization, quality of education, parent-child relationship, financial aspects)

8. To what extent do you think exams are the best way to assess students’ progress?

9. Are young people’s lives easier than they were in the past?

10. Modern youth as “Historical Philistines”

11. “Newspapers should have no friends” Joseph Pulitzer (Hungarian-American publisher)

12. Jeremy Paxman is the charismatic but the most feared interviewer on British Television

13. Is television “a window on the world” or just a passive form of entertainment?

14. Mass media and paparazzi

15. A short history of TV advertising

16. Do you think that carpooling is an effective way to commute?

17. “We wonder for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment”, Hillarie Belloc (British writer and historian)

18. In what ways can travelling help a person develop?

19. The famous travellers in the world

20. Do you agree that if we stop animal research, we will be the real killers?

21. The stethoscope is a symbol of medicine, a triumph of simplicity

22. In what ways can scientific progress harm humanity? What can we do to stop this from happening?

23. What do you associate the term healthy eating with?

24. Alternative therapies

25. Genetic engineering